Monday, May 31, 2010

So how far along am I really???

So Chase and I went to Dr. Martin last Wednesday and had our first ultrasound done of baby Patterson! What an amazing experience that was!!:) Chase and I both cried and could hardly remember what the tech said to us. Lol! Anyway, at that point, I thought that I was 10 weeks pregnant. Well, the tech did her measurements and said that we were only 7 weeks and 4 days!! I have spoken to many ladies after that who said to keep that 10 weeks in the that back of my mind, because they could be wrong. So...I am either 8 weeks or 11 weeks pregnant. Not real sure which!:)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


We found out on Mother's Day of all days that we are going to be parents!!! How exiting! We found out when I was already 2 months along. I took home pregnancy tests that all kept reading negative results. My Doc took a test and it was negative, so she put me on Medroxyprogesterone to regulate me. Ten days later...positive HPT on Mother's day morning.:)

We decided to surprise both of our mother's on the best day of the year. We bought them each little baby onesie that read "It's all good with Grandma" and a set of newborn passies. The look on their faces were priceless when they opened their gifts. Chase's Dad cried more than either of our moms! That was a pretty amazing moment to share with our families!! One thing that I know for a fact...our baby with have the most AMAZING Grandparents in the world!!!!!!!!!:) xoxox